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Confidence is knowing nothing you do will ruin everything, because doing nothing will ruin your confidence.

Informative Blog Posts

Enjoy my insightful blog posts that focus on reinvention tips and stories to help both inspire and inform you.  Learn from fun stories that teach you about the journey to make a major change in your life.

Podcast Interviews

Learn from others who are successful in achieving their Reinvention goals by listening to their personal stories. Everyone’s story has insights that can translate to helping with your journey.

Road to happiness

Learn how to take steps towards a satisfying career that makes you excited to get up in the morning while still maintaining financial independence.

One on One Sessions

Take advantage of my personal guidance through in depth exploration of your inner passion and strengths in order to move in the right transformative direction.

What Is Reinvent Urself?

Reinvent-Urself is Lisa Andria who has created a three step process led by her Certified Life Coaching skills that open up your thinking to a place of clarity and confidence. Contact Lisa for a 20 minute discovery call to learn more about how she can positively affect your life.

This Web site includes interviews with people that have successfully reinvented themselves, helpful tips from their experiences, Lisa’s published articles and blog posts. 

What is the best way to start?
  • Click on the Let’s Talk button at the top of this page to schedule a 20 minute discovery call.
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  • Review the website for helpful information and insights
Where can I learn more about the private sessions?
  • Share your contact information and Lisa will call you to discuss how she can provide the clarity and courage to make your dreams come true.
  • Click here to learn about the new Reinvent-Urself Transformation 1on1 Sessions with Lisa Andria
How can I sign up for the Reinvent-Urself Youtube page?
  • The Reinvent-Urself YouTube page that includes all the Podcast interviews is located here. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to get notified whenever a new interview is ready to view!

PODCAST Interviews

When I decided to embark on a reinvention journey, I thought about how I could learn from other successful people that have completed the journey or are in the thick of it and have a great plan. Since I wanted to be Barbara Walters in my younger years, the decision was made to interview the people that I felt could pass on valuable knowledge to others.

I am on a constant search for women professionals that can share their experience and knowledge with my Reinvent-Urself clients and followers. Everyone’s story has many pieces of information that we can all learn from. Plus, each person is so interesting and enlightening that I know you will enjoy spending no more than 30 minutes listening to the audio or watching the video Podcasts.

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When I first met Lisa, I was impressed with her positive energy, smarts, and flawless communication skills. Once we became friends, I realized she was a true gift to me, as I was pursuing a new career path, a job that I’d really enjoy, but I needed help and guidance in this endeavor. As soon as Lisa offered to help me, I accepted, and she immediately empowered me by setting up a plan for me, and she kept me focused on my goal with weekly online check-ins and coaching. She helped me feel confident and positive about my future, and as a result, I am now working in a job that I love, in a dream location!  

Iris Yokoi


I worked with Lisa after I was laid off to get career support and she was able to ask the right questions and provide a focused approach to finding a new job that I would enjoy. As a result, I had a couple great job opportunities, landed one job, and appreciate her help making me feel empowered and optimistic about moving forward.

Robbin (Achille) Baehr

Director Of Field Operations, IntelliSurvey

I brought in Lisa to help me get into focus my readiness to change my job situation and move into my own business. She helped me look at the whole concept including my state of mind and goals for making money and making my dreams a reality. She kept me thinking about the concepts I needed to make a big change like that and helped me “try it on”. She is a very empathetic listener and is very thoughtful. I felt like she was engaged with my issues and reality. She provided me a wonderfully positive Mission Statement based on my answers on her survey. She allowed me to dream and then helped me make concrete the steps needed to turn them into real action. Thank you Lisa! 

Marcia Caldwell

Broadcast and Recording Technician, NPR

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Have you been in the corporate world for decades and now totally bored or stressed out?

Have you been laid off and don’t know what to do?

Are you looking at retirement but not sure when to make that move?

Are you newly divorced or an empty nester and feel lost?

Do you hate your job and want to succeed in a more fulfilling career? 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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