I am on my first day of blogging one week after quitting my last job, held for only 4 months, and countless hours of stress and unhappiness.  I have decided to write down the entire experience so I can document my journey to a very self satisfying new career/job that will carry me for many years to come. I hope you can learn from this journey because I know that many other women my age are going thru the same transformative period.

So, why do so many want to find satisfaction in their work life at an age when many people are planning for retirement?  I found an article online that states “The New Careers for Older Workers study, conducted by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), found that 82 percent of the survey participants who made a career change after the age of 45 were successful in their transition. What’s more, these individuals reported that they were happier in their new positions, with many earning more than they did previously after the switch.”

Among the list of reasons to make the change are:

– longer life expectancy

– doing the same job for many years gets boring

– a higher level of confidence and understanding of your own abilities that comes with age

– following your bliss/passion (My addition to the list)

My reason is that the Telecom industry has become so stressful and competitive over the years with my last job so badly designed for success that my blood pressure was too high to repeat. I knew I had to make a change… and quickly.

It was exciting for many years as I was always blessed to have a position in the current cutting edge of our Telecom history.  When the Ma Bells broke up, I was there as the tape was put on the ground dividing up the room between Pacific Bell and AT&T.  When Long Distance became deregulated, I was there signing up new companies in CA. When Wireless Carriers started building their networks, I was there selling and designing the network that would power people’s cell phones.  When our TV content was moving over to live streaming networks like Netflix and Hulu, I was there. And when new SD-WAN technologies came on the scene, I was there.  It was interesting and exciting to be a part of all of that – but now, after 35+ years, I am done.

I am a very curious person and love meeting new people to build lasting relationships.  It’s my strength and passion to help people and that does work well with sales. But, I have been in this world too long, and, yes you guessed it – I am done.

It’s time to listen to my instincts and explore my true strengths and calling in life. Why not take the time to go back to my passion in life when I have the opportunity to do that?

So, in this blog I will not only talk to my own journey as it progresses but I will share tips from successful women that have experience with their own transformation.  How are they working thru this decision and what did they do or are doing to find their BLISS?  What made them make the decision to change careers or take a break to recoup and reinvent? What steps are they taking to get to their goal?

Please use my blog as a “pseudo” mentor program so all women that want to find their dream job, even at an older age, can learn from other women that are doing the same thing and, very successfully. I will share their knowledge and other helpful tips from experts so you can learn how to take on this leap of faith successfully and make money doing it!

BTW- I decided the direction of the blog as I was writing this first posting.  See how it works?

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