Lisa Andria Blog Post 11-13-18

Lisa Andria Blog Post 11-13-18

As I enter my second week of transformation it has become apparent that I need to write down my goal and what tasks that I need to take each day towards that.  As said by Tony Robbins – “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible to the visible.”

To start ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is the passion that I want to bring to the front of my life?

2. What are my strengths and how can they be used to create a business that is in line with that passion?

3. What steps do I need to take to get help from my network of friends and former colleagues to accomplish this goal?

4. What do I need to do each day to get closer to the vision I have in my mind?

Write down your answers and set up a plan so that each day you can execute those steps and feel so much better about spending your valuable time trying to reach the goal.  I know that writing down goals and steps may seem more like work than fun but it is really important to be respectful of yourself by using your time wisely.

I have set aside some retirement money to go thru this transformation period so my time is not infinite.  It is respecting yourself by making sure each day is moving closer to a life of living your bliss. Please REMEMBER to also take time to listen to your inner voice by meditating, exercise, taking a walk or just sitting alone in silence to dream.

My plan each day is:

1. Work on improving and getting to the final version of my web site and blog and social media site setup. (I am not an expert so this is a challenge)

2. Call on women to make appointments to do interviews

3. Find at least one online article on this topic to share with my followers

4. Talk to friends that have insights on web sites with written and video blogs

5. Look at available jobs that are within my sphere of interest since I do need to have a full time job for at least another 3 years

6. Take time to meditate or do yoga or take a walk and listen to my inner voice

Set your goals and please share any insights you learned by doing this exercise.

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