As with any new venture, you have days when you manifest fear and doubt. I have given myself around 4 months to find a job that I am excited to go to every day along with the work that I am doing to grow and create my Reinvent Urself self help blog and, eventually, business. I have experienced at least 4 days in this first one month period when I was doubtful I could accomplish my stated goals and really scared about the money aspect of this journey.
So, how did I get over this period? Well, having a good friend or two to talk over your feelings is usually a great start. Most of your doubt and fear is internally created and friends have more faith in you than you do in yourself. So, other than doing daily affirmations, which is another great method to overcome these times, you can talk over your feelings with a supportive friend.
I happen to have one such friend that “sensed” my despair one morning and made a surprise visit. I told her about my feelings and she wasn’t surprised. She has been through a very rough patch in her life and transformed in a positive way so she knew what came with this territory. After explaining my feelings she said she felt that I was stomping on the grass that was trying to grow. The seedlings of my new idea for the blog and reinvention coaching business was being stomped on by my negative thoughts. She suggested that I take several days to remove the negative thoughts by focusing on other things in my life. I took her advise and spent some mindless time in front of the TV, cooking a great Thanksgiving meal, and reading from some new books I had bought.
After less than a week, I had called her back, and shared the great strides I had made by signing up a great friend to revamp my web site and create a logo. I had also figured out my tagline and had my first interview appointment. I decided to record the interview as a Podcast and make that another method of communication. The call to her was so upbeat and happy that she said at the end of the call “Did you realize there was no mention of money or doubt in what you are doing?” Eureka! Fear and doubt inside your own mind is what causes your seedlings not to grow.
Please remember that fear and doubt are internal manifestations and not the actual truth of what is happening. Yes, making a large change in your life is scary and it also takes a leap of faith that can waiver at times. But, you need to understand that it is not really helpful in moving forward so you need to address it immediately by putting the thoughts aside and focusing on the steps you documented to accomplish your goals.
I will talk about positive affirmations in another blog post… it is something I haven’t been doing but really believe it will help to keep positive during this journey.
Let your grass grow!!

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