When I was working at Pacific Bell in the early 90’s there was a co-worker that called me “Perky” because he felt I was always positive and conveyed that everyday that I came into work.  I wore that name with pride since I never wanted to be considered a negative person.

REM coined this phrase in their song of the same title and they got it right! Shiny, happy people emulate love and laughter and make gold and silver shine all around them. Put in another way – happy people are successful people.

We all know that the reinvention process starts with figuring out your passion and what makes you excited to get out of bed and go to work every day.  But, your own perceptions about life should also be carried into this process. It’s easy to get down about not accomplishing certain goals or losing your focus, but it’s tougher to stay and be happy all thru the process. If you are already a naturally positive person then continue what you are doing and bring that to your new career.

If you are not that naturally positive person then there is a book by Dr. Seligman, called “Learned Optimism”, that outlines encouraging findings that optimism, or happiness, can be learned.  It provides positive thinking and easy-to-follow techniques to change your pessimistic attitude to a positive one.  I have added this book to my list of reading material and encourage you to do the same.

There is no reason that this reinvention process cannot include making a change in yourself from the inside.  We know that the reinvention will be about what we do everyday to make money but our emotional side of how we approach life can also be improved and beneficial to our overall goal.  Staying positive is NOT easy for many of us so having to learn that seems overwhelming and impossible.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  Especially if you have made a conscious decision to move in a more enjoyable, passion fulfilling, phase of your life.

Wake up thinking about having a great day, accomplishing your set goals and engaging with positive people.  Look at the world as half full with clear, sunshine filled days and take time away from watching negative news on TV.  Start with positive affirmations that state all your strengths and that you will accomplish everything you want.  Read books about learning how to be and stay optimistic and practice what you learn.

Keep in mind when moving ahead in this process that it is with a sense of fun like playing a game.  Take rejection as a way to gather information to “play the game better”.  Don’t think about “getting serious” as a way to accomplish your goals.  Make it fun and exciting with a sense of enthusiasm and you may be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is famous for saying “nothing great was ever created without enthusiasm”.  Be positive and enthusiastic and it will help you to accomplish your goals!



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