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How do we proceed with our exciting goals of reinvention without succumbing to frustration and anxiety caused by a lack of patience? I recently had an amazing meeting with a VP at the company I really want to work for and he said he wanted to keep our discussion going to find me a position at the company that best fit my skill set. He even introduced me to another executive at the company because, after discussing my strengths and talents, it became apparent that I would be greatly suited for a position outside sales.
I left that meeting on cloud nine and have been dreaming about the job and my future ever since I got home. It’s only been three days but I am already getting worried that my email request to the other executive to make an appointment time to talk has not received a response as yet. I have spoken to those closest to me and now feel like sharing even a small part of my excitement is going to be my demise – remembering my late Mom’s old adage “Don’t share your excitement with anyone until it is a done deal – don’t jinx it!”
According to this great article – “Anything worthwhile and of importance cannot take place right away. It takes time, dedication and effort to achieve; so even in this day and age, patience is a virtue.”
In this day and age, instant responses from anyone is attainable but a person’s schedule and lack of time in the day still exists and should be considered when “waiting” on an email reply. You have your own timeline while the person you want to connect with, in order to move in the right direction, may be extremely busy and is not intentionally ignoring you but simply handling other more pressing issues.
Many times I have heard people getting upset because someone didn’t respond quickly or was late in picking up a finished product. I tried to explain that maybe something happened to them that day – perhaps an accident or sick child, or a business project deadline that was late and had to get done ASAP. We cannot project our own timeline on others and expect to have a calm existence. Everyone has a story and a focus in their life and, unless their intentions are knowingly bad, they should be given a benefit of the doubt and treated with the same level of patience and respect as you would want to be treated.
How does being patient help you in your daily life? This article gives benefits on how being patient helps in decision making, lowering stress levels, and developing more compassion and empathy for others. They also include tips on how to be more patient including slowing down, making it a daily goal, and practicing restraint in actions and speaking too quickly.
This article provides a short list of suggestions but each one carries a lot of weight and I intend to start practicing them quickly. I need to keep my bad thoughts out of my mind and move ahead with intention and positive thoughts. It’s good to be prepared when I do get the response for a meeting but not dwell on negative thoughts that the person just doesn’t want to talk to me.
Remembering always – I Can Do That! – and I know I can excel and be a great asset in this position for this company!

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