I have been experiencing a period of doubt that I am going in the right direction and the “what if’s” that come along with that. I am sure about what I want to do but fearful that I can accomplish it within the set timeframe that my lifestyle and financial needs warrant. I am sure everyone goes thru that as you embark on a brand new journey of reinvention.  It is taking steps in such unfamiliar space that opens up the door of doubt.  However, I have combatted that feeling by moving forward everyday with what I want to accomplish in order to continue to make my dreams come true.

I found a quote, “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly” – G.K. Chesterton.  Which goes to the important reminder in this journey that everyone learns from failures, even more than successes.  I don’t need to make my first attempt at reinvention to be 100% successful since I can keep moving along.  If I don’t get my full-time dream job then I get one that pays the bills and keep working on the  Reinvention Coach business as my primary career over time. As a long time salesperson, most sales teams had weekly or monthly meetings with the entire organization to share success stories.  That is fantastic to give credit to someone’s accomplishment but it fails to provide the learning that comes from failure.  When you fail at something, it is well know that you learn from the mistakes made.  Why don’t sales managers talk to and highlight sales that did not finish as a signed contract or clients that were not satisfied with your service?  It is very important to dissect the failures in a way that doesn’t demean the person but rather to use it as a learning tool for everyone on the team.

What does that mean for an individual, like yourself, that wants to make a big change in your career but has miss haps along the way that causes setbacks or obstacles?  It means understanding that your courage and power comes from, not the accomplishments euphoria, but rather from the day to day process of continuing along your path by doing what you set out to do.  It is taking the actual action of what you fear by knowing it may not be perfect and you may fail sometimes, but that just doing what you want is the process of having the courage to do it in the first place.  Sound backwards?  It may but I have found that jumping right into a job or task without the apprehension of “starting” is how to overcome the fear of doing it.  If you have a speech to write and you keep avoiding it because you hate speaking in front of people, but the speech will provide great exposure and lead to more new clients or sales, then stop thinking about the fear and start writing.  Put one foot in front of the other, so to speak, and within the next hour or so, your speech is well on it’s way to being finished.

It is the confidence of taking that step, overcoming the fear to start, and then completing it successfully, that will lead to more confidence the next time a scary task is put in your path. As Nike says “Just Do It”.  Take away expectations of having it always be perfect and let yourself stumble as you are completing the goal.  So what if you fail or make a mistake?  Who doesn’t?  Michael Jordan said he had made a ton of mistakes in his NBA career but his drive and love of the game kept him playing and, he learned from those bad plays and shots, and became the accomplished player and man that he is today.

Making a reinvention of yourself is scary but, as long as you are in the forward movement of taking action, the fear should not be so present and stop you from even going after your dreams.

So, don’t think – DO! 

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