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Have you lived your life trying to fit in but found you were living as the “square peg in a round hole”? We are aging, but how that affects us is the big question.  Yes, we will get more aches and pains and health issues – that is inevitable – but, aging also brings along a sense of confidence with all your life’s experiences.  Everyone should look at aging as a gift and, in the reinvention journey, aging has many benefits.  You reach a point in your life where you don’t feel like you need to “fit in” wherever you go.  You know who you are and how you want to spend your time.  And, that means you are spending each day being the most authentic person you can be. You should be able to tap into what your passions are and how to have a blissful life.

For me, that meant stop being “The Pleaser” and start spending each day pleasing myself and not always others. I have always needed to fit in to groups of people that I admired and looked up to.  In High School, I was the skinny nerd with thick rimmed glasses and a horrible short hair cut.  I was picked on and made fun of and never succeeded in being a popular girl.  That feeling carried into my adult life and has been a crutch for many years. I was in a marriage where I had no idea who I was and was living and doing everything for my husband.  It took 15 years to realize that he was not the right person for me.  Once I broke free and started my new life journey I was excited by what was possible. I worked hard at looking at myself and taking baby steps each year to shed the need to be “perfect”.  I had to break free from trying to make people like and want to spend time with me.

It still took another 10 or so years to get to the point where I am now more comfortable with myself and committed to following my bliss by taking on work that fits my “happiness quotient”. It is now a more authentic path that I am leading and you can see the excitement in my eyes and in my voice.  When you are no longer trying to fit yourself in a place that is not “you” it makes each day a joy.  I love public speaking and helping others so my new direction, partially with this Reinvent Urself business, covers these pieces of my personality.  I have also found, thru my own reinvention journey, that I can teach others and find lots of self satisfaction from doing that.

The short article in the link below by Wendy Edwardson, by way of the Sixty+Me web site, puts this information in perspective. I hope it strikes a chord with you and, even if you are much younger than 60, it will help you realize that you shouldn’t wait until you get older to live authentically.  Do it now!  Don’t spend time doing anything YOU don’t want to do.  Love who you are, with all the quirks and differences, and follow the path that was meant for you, only you.

Square Pegs in Round Hole – Embracing Your Authentic Self as You Age

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