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“It’s not about winning,” Lady Gaga said. “What it is about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it. If there is a discipline, or passion, it’s not how many times you get rejected or you fall down or are beaten up. It’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and keep on going.”

So much of what I focus on when talking to new clients is asking about their passion or extreme interest to figure out what they want to pursue.  But, when you know your passion, how do you keep on track with working to pursue it?  How do you keep on going when you have hit many obstacles and challenges?

I may not be a living example of not giving up because I gave up early in life when my childhood issues of being a nerd and being picked on prevented me from going to college after high school to pursue my dream of being a broadcaster/journalist.  It took over 20 years to forgive myself and, in 2019, I have decided to take up where I left off.  I may not be young enough to start in the field of broadcasting but I can help others find their dream careers and, in the process, write about this journey and be ready to talk publicly about it when the time comes.  I am doing interviews that I had always dreamed about, remembering how I wanted to be Barbara Walters back in the 80’s. It truly is never too late to make a change.

But, it’s tough moving to a dream job when you have lots of bills to pay, a mortgage and health insurance.  I had to give up the fact that I need a full time job right now and work my way, via a Reinvent Urself side job, to being self sufficient by working for myself.  I am overcoming doubt thru using positive affirmations and always saying OUT LOUD what I want to do and achieve in the current first tense. ” I am working at my dream job! People love to give me money! I will have $10K by the end of February and it will be NEW money! My checking account always has enough money to pay my bills!” Keep the faith that positive affirmations work and also, don’t think that you cannot take actions in the right direction simply because you are saying them.  Make sure to follow up those affirmations with ACTION.

Make 2019 the year that you make up your mind to be more positive, and ultimately, learn to change your mind and your life. Take a page from Lady Gaga and so many other successful people…. Don’t give up your dream after one or two setbacks. If you know what you want, that is half the battle!  Relish in understanding what makes you happy to be alive and what your place in the universe is all about. Be happy that you know that!! And then start taking the steps in that direction.. no matter what that may be. WORK HARD and don’t be ashamed that it is happening late in life.  Don’t look at how your life will end… look at how your life will progress and change… and enjoy the challenges that come along the way. Because we learn so much from the challenges… they tell you when you need to change direction and move a bit differently to accomplish your goal.

Embrace life and it’s challenges and treat it as teaching moments… always and forever.  Because life is too short not to be brave!  I have learned that the hard way and intend to help others to be more brave and embrace their natural talents and loves so they can be widely successful at any age.

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