Where would the Reinvention journey lead me?

On October 31st of 2018 I started on my Reinvention journey and had no idea where it was going to lead me.  I was burnt out in the sales position that I had held for over 25 years, with various companies, and was in a particularly bad situation at the time. I quit without having a job and started on a journey that would transform my life to a place I had never allowed myself to be.  A place of happiness and positivity that brought along a good dose of confidence and clarity.  BINGO! It was opening up a box of delicious chocolates that had a different filling in each bite!

But, one thing I had no idea would happen, was how the Universe brought me so many new friends and the opportunity to re-engage with old friends.  I was being taught how to improve my mindset, health and wellness and my spiritual side.  I knew that I wanted to reinvent my career but didn’t realize that once you start meditating and doing positive affirmations, the positive energy that starts flowing creates a reciprocal positive energy flow from the universe.  I was talking to exciting and amazing people that shared wonderful stories and insights.  They shared great books to read, tips on meditating, music to sooth your soul, and foods and supplements to improve my well being.  Every day I was having wonderful experiences that opened up my mind and internal dialogue to a place that never existed for me before.

Mind, body and soul transformation

My action plans started by committing to going back to the gym, eating a more pre-diabetes friendly diet, and then, finally, taking classes to become a Certified Life Coach.  Wanting to help people with their reinvention journey was just the first step in making a change in how I view life and make a living.  It was time to no longer have negative energy or thoughts to crowd my mind.  I transformed to looking at a glass as half full and with possibilities.  I got rid of negative internal mind speech and say positive daily affirmations in the positive tense every day. I saw my life change almost overnight into a constant stream of wonderfully powerful and positive experiences with such intriguing people.  I took a new full time position that fits perfectly into my reinvention plans and am not afraid to tell anyone what I have done and am doing to change my own life.

Transforming yourself – mind, body and soul – is a real possibility if you want it to happen and are willing to take the steps to do just that.  Changing your thoughts to a more positive outlook is part of the “mind” transition.  Taking real steps to upgrade your diet and physical activity level on a regular basis is transforming your body.  And digging deep in your soul to look at what is holding you back from achieving true happiness is how you put your spirituality on the top shelf. All of us are here for a purpose and a special talent that will improve the lives of others in a well meaning way.  Discovering that purpose will move you to a place of contentment that cannot really be explained but is ready for you to experience.

No one is stuck and cannot make a change

No one should live life thinking that they have no choices or ways to make a change.  There are a bounty of ways to improve your life and your own perception of it. And, my work with clients, really focuses on changing how you view those possibilities and opening up the positive energy flow so the universe can bring you opportunities to enrich your life.  Some people may view this as “mumbo jumbo crap” (my scientific term), but if you have not tried to meditate or do daily affirmations, then don’t knock it.  It DOES work and I can give you specific examples of that whenever you want to take the time to talk to me.

I wish you luck in your journey and am here to help you as a cheerleader and coach — sign up for an appointment at https://reinvent-urself.com/contact/.

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