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Hi! I’m Lisa Andria. A high energy, curious person that takes great pride in building and maintaining personal relationships through being a great listener and empathetic person.


About Me

When I quit two Telecom Sales Management jobs in one year, after previously working 37 years with two different companies, it was apparent that a major change was needed. I decided to take a break to reinvent my career and life and went back to my love of writing. Blogging had helped me get thru the years when my Mom was battling Cancer so I thought that writing about this journey of Reinvention would help carry me through successfully.

By the end of the first blog post, I was hit with the idea to create a Reinvent Urself Web site to share the knowledge I had gathered in order to make my own major change. I decided to incorporate the blog with Podcast interviews of people that have experience in making a major change in their life. As the idea started to grow it became apparent that I should move to working directly with people in private sessions in order to be an active participant of transforming other people’s lives.  As a result, I became a Certified Life Coach.

I have had experience in mentoring others and having outstanding mentors in my life.  I have provided career counseling and emotional help, over the years, to friends with great results. While I have been in Corporate Sales positions for over 25 years, my passion is providing a high level of customer support and service with building and nurturing trusted relationships. My passions include spending time with my boyfriend and two dogs (Lexi and Nina), writing, singing all kinds of music, writing, public speaking, watching fun TV shows and movies, talking politics, always learning and a desire, at a young age, to be Barbara Walters. Mix in a love of the ocean and a self-confessed Foodie and you now know Lisa Andria.

My Values & Beliefs

We all have a right to live our passion and follow our bliss.

Life is a journey and being open and willing to learn how to become your best self by doing what you love is an important part of being happy. Lisa wants to help everyone reach their happiness quotient and doing what you love is a big part of that equation.

Sharing knowledge is a noble and necessary part of being human

Being open to sharing your “best practices” and knowledge with others is key to living a compassionate and fulfilling life. Those that hoard their expertise will eventually be a very lonely person.

A key to a being successful is having trusted friends and colleagues and taking it one step further with formal mentoring relationships.

I have experienced the joy of mentoring other women and being lifted up by my mentors. I believe in the positive effect of professional coaching as an extension of mentoring. Long standing professional relationships with a mutual level of respect and assistance is not only essential and rewarding, but makes your work life more fun. No one can live or work as an island and who would want to?

Fun and Helpful Interviews

For less than 30 minutes you can gain insight and knowledge from the many interviews with successful people that have reinvented themselves and now live more happy and authentic lives. Everyone has a story and they include a wealth of insightful tips. 

You will laugh and learn from these successful women and men during their talks with Lisa. If you know someone that has a great story to tell, and they are ok with sharing, please let me know and I can feature them in an upcoming Podcast.

Featured Podcasts

Guest Speakers

  • Chellie Cambell  Author, Speaker, and creator of the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops ( Successfully reinvented herself to a rewarding career helping others become more financially healthy.
  • Linda Kraemer Licensed Marriage Family Therapist transitioning to a Green Energy Advocate and Environmentalist.
  • Kelly Krotine, LAC Successful TV industry professional that transitioned so well to becoming a Certified Acupuncturist that she took over the practice of her first job after Graduate school.
  • Susan Wheeler  Certified Wellness Coach, Went from a sales job and raising her children, to becoming a successful Wellness Coach with a new book planned for the end of the year.
  • Elsa Mendoza Certified Life Coach who’s MS in International Business lead her to work for several industries before going thru a introspection. Her new awareness led her to this new career.
  • Jacqueline Loza – She started out her life as an Operations Manager in the Non-Profit sector and then took the leap to law school and never turned back. Learn from her insight into going back to school to follow your bliss.

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