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Are you still a Square Peg in a Round Hole?

Have you lived your life trying to fit in but found you were living as the "square peg in a round hole"? We are aging, but how that affects us is the big question.  Yes, we will get more aches and pains and health issues - that is inevitable - but, aging also brings...

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Patience is a virtue?

How do we proceed with our exciting goals of reinvention without succumbing to frustration and anxiety caused by a lack of patience?

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Shiny, happy people

When I was working at Pacific Bell in the early 90’s there was a co-worker that called me “Perky” because he felt I was always positive and conveyed that everyday that I came into work.  I wore that name with pride since I never wanted to be considered a negative...

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Let your grass grow

As with any new venture, you have days when you manifest fear and doubt. I have given myself around 4 months to find a job that I am excited to go to every day along with the work that I am doing to grow and create my Reinvent Urself self help blog and, eventually,...

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Retirement Reinvention – book by Robin Ryan

I found a wonderful book on reinventing yourself after retirement and wanted to share.  Robin Ryan has written a book called Retirement Reinvention and it covers all aspects of this phase in your life and how to make it more fulfilling and even lucrative. From...

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Respect yourself by setting daily goals

As I enter my second week of transformation it has become apparent that I need to write down my goal and what tasks that I need to take each day towards that.  As said by Tony Robbins - “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible to the visible.” To...

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