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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to Reinvent Yourself?

The timeline to reinvent yourself is not a set amount of time but the key is making sure that you are taking steps every day to get to your goal. My workshop, podcasts and blog are available to give you the tools to be successful in this journey.

How can I find out more about the workshops?

Fill out your contact information on the Web site and Lisa will call you for a free consultation and to review what she can do to help you.

Is there an age limit or is this only for women that are reinventing themselves later in life?

No- There is no age limit or gender restriction. If you want to understand how to follow your bliss and pick the right career or how to get to your dream career, then you are in the right place and Lisa can help.

Is there a guarantee that I will find my dream job after taking the Reinvent-Urself Transformation Series Workshop?

As you probably know, there are no guarantees in life. However, if you understand your passion and strengths and are given the steps to have a successful reinvention journey then your odds go way up! Plus, I am here to help after you take one of my workshops if you hit obstacles.

Do you offer assistance on creating a resume or setting up a Linkedin Profile?

While that is not something I offer under the Reinvent-Urself umbrella of services, I can direct you to resources to help with that work. And, you can use my personal Linkedin Profile and current resume to help since both have been successful in getting attention from recruiters.

Online  Resources

Recommended Authors

Reinvent-Urself recommended books and authors that can assist in this Reinvention Journey

Helpful Articles

Subscribe to my blog for helpful articles on topics such as the best careers going into 2018, best jobs for retirees to consider, rating the happiest jobs, and other topics related to the Reinvention Journey.

Career Assessments

Inquire about my access to interest assessment tests. I can offer the assessment and interpret the findings to assist you in identifying your key areas of interest to better leverage your skills.

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