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Learn from others who are successful in achieving their Reinvention goals. Everyone has an important insight to help others.

Jacqueline Loza

Jacqueline Loza is a current Paralegal-Real Estate Lease Administrator for Delta Galil Premium Brands who decided to change her life and go to Pacific Coast University School of Law in Long Beach CA.

Starting out as an Operations Manager for a non-profit organization for several years, she  enjoyed her career, but didn’t see much opportunity for growth within the organization or in the field in general.

She tells her story of reinvention by going to Law School and gives insight to those thinking of taking the leap back to school for a new career.  She is very inspiring!

Kelly Nance

Kelly Nance is the owner of Studio117, a full service hair salon in Long Beach, CA and Skin Care Consultant.  Kelly has been on quite a journey in her life and reinventing herself has been, both about changing her career and her life.  She has overcome many obstacles to get to where she is today, and we are thankful that she is willing to share her insights and learnings.

Elsa Mendoza

Elsa Mendoza is a certified Life coach who’s message is to let people know that each person is a source of peace, joy and most of all love. Elsa began her professional career with a Master of Science in International Business and she’s worked for several different industries. At a point in her life, she decided that the corporate life wasn’t for her. She went on an introspective journey that led her to her new career and life’s calling. Watch and learn from her insights.

Sugar Jones

Sugar Jones has been blogging about life, love, and the internet since 2007. Her tweets about everything under the sun came soon after (2008), and that’s when things got interesting. Coming from years of marketing and sales experience at various companies, she decided to take a chance and ride the wave of this whole digital thing. She now has upwards of 18,000 Twitter followers and has most recently been doing a series of FB lives called Hot Mess Mondays. Watch and learn about her journey which now includes becoming a Wellness Coach!

Susan Wheeler

Susan Wheeler is a certified Wellness Coach and has been working in the health and nutrition industry for 7 years.  Susan runs an organic vegetable farm (Stonedrift Farm) with her husband in Goshen CT.   She took the reinvention journey from working in a direct sales industry job and raising their children to becoming the successful coach that she is today. Gain insights by her own journey in this video interview.


Chellie Cambell - Author, Speaker, Creator of Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops

by Lisa Andria | Chellie Cambell; Author, Speaker, and creator of the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops (chellie.com) Successfully reinvented herself to a rewarding career helping others become more financially healthy.

Kelly Krotine, Acupunturist and Herbalist

by Lisa Andria | Kelly Krotine, LAC ; Successful TV industry professional that transitioned so well to becoming a Certified Acupuncturist that she took over the practice of her first job after Graduate school.

Linda Kraemer - Therapist, Green Energy Advocate

by Lisa Andria | Linda Kraemer ; Licensed Marriage Family Therapist transitioning to a Green Energy Advocate and Environmentalist..

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