Podcast Interviews

Learn from others who are successful in achieving their Reinvention goals by listening to their personal stories. Everyone’s story has insights that can translate to helping with your journey.

Susan Wheeler

Susan Wheeler is a certified Wellness Coach and has been working in the health and nutrition industry for 7 years.  Susan, prior to Isagenix, took the reinvention journey from working in a direct sales industry job and raising their children to becoming the successful certified Wellness Coach that she is today. She is passionate about educating people to take charge of their diet and mindset.  Her first book, The Lemonade Diet, will be published late this year.

Chellie Cambell - Author, Speaker, Creator of Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops

by Lisa Andria | Chellie Cambell; Author, Speaker, and creator of the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops (chellie.com) Successfully reinvented herself to a rewarding career helping others become more financially healthy.

Kelly Krotine, Acupunturist and Herbalist

by Lisa Andria | Kelly Krotine, LAC ; Successful TV industry professional that transitioned so well to becoming a Certified Acupuncturist that she took over the practice of her first job after Graduate school.

Linda Kraemer - Therapist, Green Energy Advocate

by Lisa Andria | Linda Kraemer ; Licensed Marriage Family Therapist transitioning to a Green Energy Advocate and Environmentalist..

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