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I provide direct assistance and help you plan out an exciting change in your life that will lead to a newly reinvented YOU!  I offer weekly sessions for 90 day periods in a Premium Package. We will delve deeply into your goals and dreams and work thru the action plans.  Every step of this journey is documented so you can be kept accountable and reach all your goals!


My Three Step Approach

Reevaluate  to  Confidence

Restore  to  Clarity

Reinvent  to  Vision


Take specific steps to evaluate your current life, job, wellness, internal wants and needs and uncover where you want to be once your reinvention is complete.  You will complete evaluations, answer questions, and envision the perfect day in your new life.  There will be books to read, daily tasks to take, and a complete turnaround in how you view life both internally and externally.

This step will take as long as it takes to get you to a place of Confidence. You will view your life and the possibilities very differently. You will see a shift in your thinking and how you approach every aspect of your life. And, while you will work on your own time clock, Lisa will make sure your efforts are maximized.


Take your newfound confidence to the next level by moving to a place of Clarity in what you have decided are your goals for reinvention.  You will clarify where you actually want to be and what you want to be doing.  The vision of that perfect day will start to take more shape and design. Lisa will guide you thru the steps to find what you can be doing, with the talents you have been given, or the skills you have accumulated, in order to make money in a job or career that makes you happy.

If you are like most people, you want to live a life that satisfies your values of making a positive impact to help others. Whatever your decided goal is to be in another more fulfilling place, Lisa will take you there through a weekly phone session, tasks to complete, and achievable goals that you are held accountable for.





The final step is actually getting to your Vision of that new life.  You will be on the path that was meant for you to fulfill in your lifetime.  You will learn how to overcome obstacles and bad days. Plans may change as your vision takes life and that is perfectly fine. Nothing is absolute, including your life’s plans.  We all make adjustments in the journey of reinvention.

The emotional experience of reinventing your attitude, life, career, and absolute track in life is so rewarding.  You are now in a different mindset and understanding of what you should be doing and how you should be living your complete life.  It is now YOUR LIFE to be lived… not someone else’s.

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