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Private Sessions

Learn more about my 90 day Premium Package starter session.

One on One Sessions

Meet with me on a personal basis to get direct assistance with your own reinvention. I will help you plan out a difficult but exciting change in your life that will lead to a newly reinvented YOU!  I offer weekly sessions for 90 day periods in a Premium Package. We will delve deeply into your goals and dreams and work thru the action plans.  Every step of this journey is documented so you can be kept accountable and reach all your goals!

Informative Blog Posts

Enjoy my insightful blog posts that focus on reinvention tips and stories to help both inspire and inform you.  Learn from fun stories that teach you about the journey to make a major change in your life.

Podcast Interviews

Learn from others who are successful in achieving their Reinvention goals by listening to their personal stories. Everyone’s story has insights that can translate to helping with your journey.

Road to happiness

Learn how to take steps towards a satisfying career that makes you excited to get up in the morning while still maintaining financial independence.

One on One Sessions

Take advantage of my personal guidance through in depth exploration of your inner passion and strengths in order to move in the right transformative direction.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Sign up for a free consultation call to review what career or life counseling you would like and how I can help transform your life. I would love to learn about your dreams and where you would like to be and find the right way to achieve that goal.

How Do I know If Reinvent-Urself is Right For Me?


Lisa Andria is dedicated to helping others and has been a career and life coach for many colleagues and friends over her adult life. She will make sure you get personalized attention with a clear path and assistance to make your dreams come true.  Lisa is excited to work with you to find your true path in life and how to map out a plan to be successful in getting there.

My Approach

I have created a three step Transformation Series that starts with Reevaluate – reevaluating your passions and strengths thru an internal analysis with the option of using the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment by Myers Briggs. This is the most difficult step if you are not sure what career is your calling so we spend more time in this phase. Then move on to Restore – make a plan to get to the next step of reinvention and stay financially stable during the process. The final stage is Reinvent – which is how to keep this process moving along with helpful tips when dealing with setbacks or bad days so you get to your final goal.

Career Assessments 

I have a suggested interest survey that can assist you in identifying your key areas of interest to better leverage your skills and find the right career for you. Ask me all about it!

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